No Excuses

Album Cover.jpgThis is my debut album, which features an up to 13 piece ensemble consisting of the Quintet (sax/recorder, guitar, piano, bass, drums) with added second guitar, string quartet and brass trio (flugelhorn, french horn and trombone), the music on this album represents me as composer, arranger, player and improviser. The influences on my music for this album come from a wide range of musical sources including; jazz, folk (English and otherwise), 60s rock/pop, early 20th century tonal classical and a plethora of other smaller influences that can be heard in some of the tunes.

The album was recorded at Session Corner Studios in Luton by the excellent Nick Pugh in March and May this year, and is on 33 Jazz Records

I’m extremely lucky to have been joined on this album by an incredible cast of musicians, all who have flourishing careers in their own right and are amongst the best in their respective fields.

The Album is available to purchase physically and digitally online, and is on streaming platforms such as Spotify etc.
You can buy it from, Amazon, itunes or from myself.

The band line-up is:

Tom Ridout – Saxophones and Recorders

Rob Luft – Guitars

Will Barry – Piano and Rhodes

Flo Moore – Electric Basses

Phelan Burgoyne – Drums

Billy Marrows – Guitar

Anastasia Stahlmann – Lead Violin

Didier Osindero – 2nd Violin

Anita Kurowska – Viola

Cecilia Bignall – ‘Cello

Alexandra Ridout – Flugel and Trumpet

Anna Drysdale – French Horn

Elliot Pooley – Trombone